Qualifies for 1 PDH hour

Understanding behavior is essential in assuring that people experience job comfort -where their natural behavioral tendencies match the behavioral requirements of the job. Understanding why people do what they do makes us better mentors, trainers and managers. It will also enhance the development of high performing teams where clarity and cohesiveness exist. We know about IQ, which basically is a rating of our intellect; what about EQ - your emotional quotient? Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, assess and manage one’s own emotions and those of others. Whereas traditional notions of intelligence refer to intellectual abilities, emotional intelligence refers to “a different way of being smart.” This ability is like any other – it is naturally found in varying degrees from person to person. A high performing team is one where its members are passionate about what they do. They have clarity in their roles and there is a great amount of cohesiveness between the members. This type of team arrives at decisions more quickly, debates passionately, trusts each other deeply and holds each other accountable for performance. These teams are devoid of politics confusion and cynicism. Find out what it takes to build one.

For additional information and to register for this workshop, please contact our Business Manager, Melissa Wood, CAP, at mwood@i2integratedintelligence.com.

When: Dec 5, 2013
Where: NCSU McKimmon Center, Raleigh, NC